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Friday, March 13, 2015
We all know Friday is Bride Day, and if you’re anything like me, whether you’re far from your “I do’s” or just renewed your vows, TLC has us saying “yes to the dress” over and over. But the dress isn’t the only must see of the big day. By the time the reception begins, the tasty tiers take center stage, and conversations shift from “what a gorgeous gown…” to “how stunning is that cake?!”
But why let the attention drift? Why not get the get the room roaring over the striking resemblance between the two big white wedding icons?
Are you willing to share the stage, or does the dress take the cake? Can’t wait to read your comments!

Janice Hussey, Food-Tastic Friday Blogger

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Amy said...

I love it when the cake resembles the gown! Such a fun detail.

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