Styling Sunday 2: Visual Art Seating Charts

Sunday, March 29, 2015

When delving into the duty of choosing my favorite escort cards, I found an array of unique ideas so massive that I had to narrow down my topic.  Instead of the broad idea of “the escort card,” I decided to focus solely on those that featured them as visual art!  As an interior designer, I am always so drawn to ceiling installations and anything that visually pops.  I helped with a few hanging installs for our weddings last year and let me tell ya, I would give anything to climb up a ladder and make something out of nothing.  (It might be partly because I was a gymnast for over half my life and climbing and balancing seems like the normal way to live, but I digress.)  That’s the beauty of installations!  Let me show you what I mean with these visual art seating charts...

1:  [Insert wide-eyed emoji here.]  Contemporary Cupid's arrows pierced into a lucite heart?!  I can't get over the graphic impact this display creates.  What a wonderfully creative way to showcase your escort cards.  Its visual texture is just outstanding.  I may or may not be bowing down to my computer screen. (Source)

2:  In the downtime of cocktail hour, give your guests a reason to play by using darts as your escort cards.  Together they'll create a collaborative art piece by launching them at this board with paint-filled balloons!  So organic and beautiful.  How special would this painting be knowing it was made by your guests at your wedding and there is nothing in the world exactly like it?  I'd probably choose brighter hues than these subdued creams and pinks showed here for more of a contrast, but I love the idea. (Source)

3:  Stop it.  You're perfect.  This gorgeously graphic seating chart is done by the one and only, Jesi Haack.  My installation idol.  She has so many genius ideas and all of her work is graphic, fun and packs a visual punch.  My kinda design.  The concept is so simple: find your name, follow the string and there's your table number!  All of the name-to-number pairings create a great asymmetrical geometric pattern.  I dig it so hard. (Source)

4:  How absolutely magical would it be to walk underneath these whimsical ribbons gently blowing in the breeze of a backyard soiree?  Did I paint the perfect picture for you?  Are you there?  Sipping on some delightful summer sangria or sweet tea?  Playing croquet in the freshly mowed lawn waiting for the reception fun to begin?  Yeah, these escort cards did that for you.  How nice of them.  (Source)

5:  Oh, lucite.  You wonderful creature, you.  I especially love this color palette.  In reading the article that featured this wedding I learned that the designer incorporated romantic blush florals and pretty pastels.  These edgier geometric-shaped escort cards in brighter shades allow for the perfect contrast.  I am all about contrasts.  Contrasts are my bff. (Source)

6:  Okay, this "I'm with the band" signage made from cymbals is not only so amazing, but WAIT til I tell you the story behind them.  Or, rather, the bride will:  "We met on a Sunday, at the same cabana. I had over heard Danny talking about making fake backstage passes to get in the front row at concerts. As a huge music lover, I thought that was super cool and asked if he wanted to be my friend. So, instead of traditional place cards we made fake backstage passes to tie in how we met." Get out!  So awesome. (Source)

7:  Ferns!  I'm a sucker for ferns.  And living walls.  And nature.  And my favorite color is green.  But enough about me.  How pretty is this wall?  I love the bright tropical colors and patterns.  So happy!  This whole wedding, in fact, is so bright and happy.  Rays of yellow sunshine-y florals scattered about, too.  Just breath-of-fresh-air loveliness.  (Source)

If this Styling Sunday mood board didn't inspire you enough, definitely click on the source links for more visual candy.  Only the yummiest for you, my friends.

xoxo, Kim

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