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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesdays. Wednesdays need an extra shot of coffee and a little more pizazz to make it to Thursday. So, add a little more glitz and glam to your Wednesday with me and some good ole' fashioned... FASHION. I'm Rachel Ermitano and fashion is what I do. From designers, to daring trends I will bring you the who, what, when, where, and the "why did they wear that?!" every Wednesday. The fashion world is a large part of my life. I write articles on the hottest trends for various wedding fashion blogs, design and create clothes with my start up clothing line, Wild Oleander, and I am apart of Elegant Affair's beauty and style team. So grab that venti triple shot latte, sit down, and get ready for some fashion talk. Wednesday- you just got that much better. 

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jacob20martin said...

Wow you look so beautiful in your shared pic. Dear have you ever attended NYC events? I would love to attend fashion events there. I am going NY for 3 months as my sister is loving there. Please give me more ideas on events.

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