UP Up and Away with Lanterns!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

One of my absolute favorite big wedding trends is setting off the beloved lighted paper lanterns! Whether you have a great appreciation for this beautiful Asian tradition, or you just really love the movie “Tangled”, you really can’t beat this trend. Last year I got the chance to go the first ever ‘Lantern Fest’ in the U.S. with my boyfriend, held in Post Falls, Idaho (pretty random, right?). But it was absolutely breathtaking! If you’ve been able to witness the lights you’ll understand that it’s pretty hard to put the experience into words; or maybe it’s just me… But I love it! And I love what it symbolizes too, letting go of your past. You’re starting a whole new part of your life with your new spouse, so why not symbolize that with letting go of these beautiful paper lanterns!

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