Food-Tastic Friday: Fruits of Your Labor

Friday, March 27, 2015

Planning a wedding is tough stuff (unless you are guided by our goddess Lori and her fabulous team, of course) and when the big day arrives, you want to be able to showcase the fruits of your labor in full bloom. I mean, literally, show off that fruit. The summer wedding season is known for fantastic florals, but natures’ flowers grow into flawless fruits and this week I encourage you to pick and choose until your basket of Food-Tastic ideas is overflowing.

Fancy fruit escort cards are super simple, and will be an unexpected way to add color to your d├ęcor. Better yet, your guests have a delicious snack waiting for them upon their arrival to your reception.

Prefer a more traditional treat? Mini fruit tarts and fruit topped cakes are summer-time classics, and guests will devour them whether they are passed as cocktail hour apps or displayed in tiers at the dessert bar.

Don’t let your visions of sweet something’s stop at the table. Incorporating fruits and flowers together in your bridal accessories is just shy of perfection.   

Which fruit will you use in your wedding, and how? Happy commentingJ

Janice Hussey, Friday Food-Tastic Blogger

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tcoumbs said...

I wish we had more fruit at our wedding, fruit is something that is always delicious, no matter how you eat it. Raw, in a pastry, in a drink, or frozen and dropped in some champagne, its good so many different ways!

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